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The image ZeroZero refers to the mystery of ground zero.
VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Artist: Anna Huxel


My work Zero Zero is the first part of a series developed in 2018/19, after my previous series Fluchtpunkt in 2017. The design language is, opposed to my usual painting style, precise and objective. This clear style derives from the very firm idea I had in mind as a basis for the paintings. I was inspired by the photographs Wim Wenders took of Ground Zero. He took pictures during the clean-up operations at the crime scene in New York. The triptych deals with the consequences of 9/11. After the terror attack in 2001, the result of the rescue mission floats over Ground Zero in form of the dial plate of a phone made of stone. A blue swimming pool is used in all three works as an allegory for the 9/11 Memorial. Stone lifebuoys fall out of the dial plate into the depth of the pool. This symbolism impedes the good intentions of a rescue mission.

In the middle picture begins the utopia of setting the petrified rescue against a new rescue made of red and white lifebuoys. These are filled with air and fall from the sky, taking up the room of Ground Zero by overlaying the gray stone lifebuoy, that’s lying on the floor.

The third picture shows the black dial plate and a red and white lifebuoy colliding. Paradoxically the help, made of stone, is deconstructed. Full of symbolism, the picture is very precise in it’s meaning. The surreal imagery indicates, that in reality there is no prospect of peace. One can find, as the picture suggests, an exception in the world of imagination. Here, utopian changes of the material world are possible. Hope for freedom manifests into a clear idea, which can only be experienced in the blue room of belief.

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Dimensions 260 × 100 cm

Anna Huxel

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Oil on canvas