Informations about auction and art sale

The aim of the PArt is to help artists to help themselves and thus to create a sustainable set of instruments. Therefore we would like to support you in making your works accessible to collectors despite the lack of fairs and exhibition opportunities. With the digital exhibition, the Artists’ Emergency Aid Fund and the auction, we offer you three possibilities from which you can choose the appropriate measures.


  1. Digital exhibition

The PArt Platform offers you the opportunity to make your works accessible to an international audience of collectors and corporate collections and to sell the works there.

The only criteria for participation are: a degree from a first class art school or equivalent qualification, a first solo exhibition in an institution, and a first catalogue publication. The works you wish to exhibit do not have to meet any minimum price. 

If one of your works is sold, you will receive 100% of the sales proceeds. If you are exclusively represented by a gallery, you are required to pay them a 20% commission. Furthermore we ask you for a donation to the PArt or the PArt Fund


  1. Part Fund

You can apply for the artists’ emergency aid fund. A jury decides on the allocation of funds. The fund is fed by the auction, by proportional sales proceeds and by private donors.


  1. Auction

We cordially invite you to submit your work for the auction – because the auction is the heart of the PArt. You receive 50% of the net hammer price as submitting artist, the other 50% go to the PArt Emergency Aid Fund, from which you can benefit too. The auction is conducted by our partner, the renowned auction house VAN HAM. 

You have the possibility to propose up to 2 works or sets of works for the auction to our jury. The work should have an estimated price starting at 5,000 euros.

We look forward to your submission!



Your PArt-Team