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Corporate social responsibility through art acquisition

                                              Christian Awe EN VIE - vivant / l’eau 2016, je 320 x 740 cm, ESMT Berlin

PArt Corporate Collections

Art in the company always offers added value. A corporate collection provides motivation for your own employees and offers occasions for dialogue with your business partners as well as general public. Art demonstrates the willingness to take a stand and assume responsibility beyond the original business. A well-structured and curated art collection always reflects more value back into the company than its acquisition costs. Many corporate collections are not only acquired at attractive conditions, but also achieve an increase in value over the years.

Buying art from PArt is also an expression of the company’s special social responsibility. Artists are directly supported and the climate in the company is positively influenced. It is a testimony to sustainable investment and long-term corporate strategies. In the categories silver, gold and platinum we offer you individual packages for art investment on the PArt platform. With these, you purchase artworks for the total value of your package price and thus directly and immediately support the respective artists. A curator with a background in art history is available for all three packages.

Optional additional services:

  • Supporting corporate communication by providing art historical content on the corporate collection for social media, website or other publications
  • Development of an art edition for your business partners based on your art collection
  • Planning and implementation of discussion formats with artists involving your clients and business partners
  • Conceptual design of unique events on various topics of the art market based on your collection
Are you interested in a Corporate Collection, but don’t find yourself in our offers yet? Contact us, at PArt we are used to looking at art from ever new perspectives and developing new creative concepts in the process.