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In his works Patric Sandri explores the medial and formal conditions of painting, space and sculpture, with which he explores the discourse of perception and seeing.

Artist: Patric Sandri


Patric Sandri is concerned with abstract painting. The elements of the painting play a central role: the paint, the canvas, the stretcher. He makes these components of a painted picture, which have been given for centuries, the subject of his work. He experiments and tests new possibilities to see how far he can explore the medium of painting with these limited tools. Besides geometry and the play between colour, form, dimension and spatiality, perception and the aspect of seeing play an essential role in his work. Errors and contradictions in the perception are central moments that influence his pictorial ideas and compositions. Like colour and the image carrier, light is freed from the supposed obligations of painting and becomes a theme in its own right. The emancipation of light is achieved by the backs of the pictures, the side edges of the objects and the stretcher frames, which are painted with colour. Their reflection and radiation hit the respective background, which in turn is bathed in coloured light. Front and back become equally the content of the picture. The picture takes on a sculptural character – and yet always remains committed to painting.

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Dimensions 4 × 125 × 195 cm

Patric Sandri

Year Of Creation



Acrylic on wood/stretchers behind transparent cotton


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