Excellent Shaving

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Where to shave and where not to shave?

Artist: Katharina Arndt


"Excellent Shaving" questiones our relation to hair. Hair as a wild, animal related attribute. The shaved skin as a smooth civilized surface. The alluring surface is a striking symbol of life in the digital age. In the hyperreal and intangible online world, only visual appearance matters—that of ourselves and the products we should buy. In her works, the artist exaggerates and ironizes the contemporary mass consumerist aesthetic of a decadent, abundant society. She brings things to the shining surface which are to be suppressed by binge buying, i.e. our worries and fears, especially those of our own mortality.

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Dimensions 3 × 90 × 130 cm

Katharina Arndt

Year Of Creation



acrylic paint on PVC canvas