Universal Pain (framed)

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Artist: Pachet Fulmen


Its a part of a series I drew in 2019 for my little collective exhibition "Steady Happy End" at Hinterconti in Hamburg.

The work on Paper is drawn on the format A 5.

Pain is a part of my artistic attitude. It is a chanel for me, to work with the idea of pain and it is as universal as death, love, sex, desire and desire.

This work is looking more conceptual than other drawings and it is just a comment on a global situation and what I think about my generation with all the sickness and mental disorders appearing somewhere everywhere.  Also in my own life I know pain and fear of losing important things, persons and so on. I wanted to tell it in these two words, that it is "normal" to feel pain and without it we would not be alive. So for me it is worth to put in in a golden frame.



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Dimensions 21 × 29,7 cm

Pachet Fulmen

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Edding on Paper