Quatroscopy Eiffeltower in Spring

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This quatroscopy is a high qualit digital print mounted on a thin aluminum sheet (50x50cm) with hanging contrivance on backside. Print number 5 of a maximum of 10. Signed Certification label on back.

Artist: Hans Thierstein


This Quatroscopy of Eiffeltower in Paris yields an especially enticing pattern. Graphically speaking, this quatroscopy is a square image in the center, reflected three times in four directions. In reality such patterns emerge, when an image is observed through a four-sided mirror-tunnel, similar to a caleidoscope, but with four, rather than three mirrors forming the tunnel.

Ever since developing this gadget, I have enjoyed myself, producing such patterns using many kinds of input pictures. Quatroscopies are a second view of a simple reality. For more information on quatroscopy visit my website: www.hansthierstein.ch

This high-quality digital print is mounted on an thin aluminum sheet. This is print number 5 of a maximum of 10. Mounting contrivance and signed certification label on back.

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Dimensions 1 × 60 × 60 cm

Hans Thierstein

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