Post Paradise

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In my vision of a paradise there are no borders, no beginning and no end. It never stands still. There is no stipulation and no evaluation. Love and life as well as fears and abysses are part of natur

Artist: Tirza Matter


When Adam and Eve were banished from paradise, god said: Look, Humans have become like us – they know good from evil. In my eyes who ever wrote this couldn’t have been more wrong. Cause we don’t.
The idea of Post Paradise describes a new paradise that not only eliminates the separation of good and bad, but also questions the definition of it.
In my paintings I deal with the idea of ​​the post paradise. For me, this describes the paradise that starts all over again from zero. In this version, death is part of life from the beginning and vice versa. In the post-paradise, man is on the same level as everything that surrounds him. It is not holy, but it is not defective either. All actions are based on the same feelings such as fear, love, joy and anger and are not evaluated, neither the motivation nor their effect. There is no fall, no punishment, no god and no devil. Like nature, human beings are ephemeral and fragile, but not defective. I would like to make our value system, our ideals and laws and their problematic history the subject. From my point of view, painting is the right medium to deal with these questions, because it has created an image for paradise and the fall, or for good and evil. She should also be the one who rethinks the image from scratch.
The painting is growing every week, I’m now at 15 meters. It should be so big that the viewer is enveloped by it and cannot see anything else.

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Dimensions 0,5 × 1500 × 200 cm

Tirza Matter

Year Of Creation



Oil on Aluminium


The painting is yet growing



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