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Artist: Anibal M. Kostka


The inspiration for the air hockey motifs came in 2016 by painting two table tennis tables. The rendering of these very concrete motifs increasingly play into the production of Anibal Maximilian Kostka. That is why he transferred an air hockey table from the foyer of a Düsseldorf hotel to 5 screens.
The titles like "Master II" or "Multiplay" were taken from real air hockey tables. At first glance, they look like purely geometric compositions while hanging on the wall —  if it weren't for the painterly traces of use. As a result, the artist is playing an ambivalent game in the game.
The plate halves can be combined and colored in many ways. Nevertheless, there is always a certain element construction.
Another characteristic is the very painterly printing technique. It underlines the difference as compared to electronically produced pictures and suggests a possible futuere of painting.

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Dimensions 110 × 160 cm

Anibal M. Kostka

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Intagliotype on Cotton Fabric