Je, c’est lui.

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A series of drawings based on Leibniz’s ‘Monadology.’ The dogs struggle with themselves or with others, to capture an essence – a Monad – that always eludes them.

Artist: Flavio Cury


I initiated this series of drawings after reading Leibniz’s ‘Monadology.

I look at a dog and cannot help but see the reflection of myself in its eyes. I wonder what this being looking at me sees. I imagine what it thinks and how it thinks. And if its thinking is more complete, less fragmented and simpler than mine.

Could an affective logic form its reason? What does it see in me and the world that the ‘I,’ this supposedly undivided and illusorily autonomous unity, is unaware of?

I seek, in a simple way, and with prosaic means (pencil, paper, graphite, wax), to capture some mystery of existence. I try to fix in the drawing this unknown and other doubts.

The dog struggles with itself or others, only to capture an essence – a Monad – that always eludes it.

In my drawings, it tries to assimilate that which also defines it: the Other.

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Dimensions 65 × 50 cm

Flavio Cury

Year Of Creation



Drawing on Paper (Canson Mi-Teintes, 160g/m2)



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