From the Series: Interior Garden

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Artist: Johanna Tiedtke


At the onset of WWII, the visionary Dada artist Hannah Höch retreated to a secluded house on the outskirts of Berlin, fleeing persecution for her radical collage work and her unflagging opposition to fascism. In the decades that followed, the surrounding garden became her artistic muse, but it was also a means of survival: its fruits and vegetables were a vital source of sustenance during wartime, and its soil served as the hiding place for her priceless collection of Dada artworks, deemed "degenerate" by the Nazi regime. Eighty years later, Johanna Tiedtke has returned to this site to excavate and reactive the gardens rich history through a new body of observational, site responsive works. She will develop a group of large-format digital collage works made from UV-prints on glass that are subtly modified with oil paint applied by hand. The images are based on photographs and drawings of Höch's enclosed Winter garden that Tiedtke made during visits to the site over the course of four seasons. The works interweave interior and exterior, public and private, personal and political, past and present.

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Dimensions 30,50 × 22,80 cm

Johanna Tiedtke

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Ink on translucent paper


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