flower power – gender fluid

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Inspired by the Golden 1920s with its love for cacti as avant-garde plants & gender fluidity in dress codes & hairstyles. Green 2020s. A cactus stands for water wisdom, Diversity is accepted (f/m/d).

Artist: Monika Zabel


This Textile Sculpture is inspired by the Golden 1920s with its love for succulents as an avant-garde plant at home and in the arts, and their emerging gender fluidity in dress codes and hairstyles. A century later, at the beginning of the 2020s, the world is shaken by a  disrupt. Live has become more rooted in nature. Symbols  are rewritten for  a Green 2020s. A cactus stands for a water wise plant, deconstructed & redesigned garments for climate conscious clothing with nature in mind. Gender fluid dress code dilutes the border between women's and men's wear and opens up for more diversity (/d) and inclusion. The textile sculpture flower power was first shown at 2020 International Fashion Art  Biennale in Seoul as Germany's contribution (with a female model in a live performance) and at the FABI Fashion and Textile Exhibition on Art Innovation (pictured by Jean Molitor) .


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Dimensions 0,80 × 165 cm

Monika Zabel

Year Of Creation



Textile Deconstruction, Repurposing. Reconstruction


The work can be used as hanging object, textile sculpture or object to wear (as shown on photo)