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Photographic paper is given form in the darkroom by crafting and exposing it to relief-like compositions.

Artist: ANna Tautfest


In my artistic work I investigate the possibility to imagine and claim realities through the inherent indexicality of the medium of photography. In my grid images I address the topics of mutual processes and of capturing and normalising matter. In the darkroom I give form to photographic materials such as paper, or light sensitive laminated fabrics by forming and exposing them in relief-like compositions. The photographic paper is nested over a sculpted form, the resistance of the paper is revealed in the disruption of the material and an irregularity in the exposure. The imprint of the ephemeral sculpture leaves the projected image of a grid, split and de-formed. The sculpted form is no longer there and yet it remains present. The corpus has a representation of its absence within the image of a black and white grid-structure. The grid is transformed from an underlying, defining, normalizing condition to being a fragile and deformed motif.

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Dimensions 1 × 52 × 62 cm

ANna Tautfest

Year Of Creation



Exposure on photographic paper


60 x 70 cm (incl. frame)


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