The green palais

4.800,00 (excl. shipping)

Artist: Christin Lutze


An interior is shown in this painting. Theoretically, this room is also accessible, but the viewpoints are distorted and unreal. The soft colors with warm and earthy colors make this work very harmonious. The viewer is literally drawn into the room. The paths lead in different directions. Paths and ways, perspective structures and tiles and a balanced composition of these lead into a world in which the viewer can and wants to lose himself.
Neither the perspective nor the architectural constructs can exist in this way. The viewing angles and planes are distorted, bars are deformed and the distances are reduced. The special handling of light supports flatness or depth, reflects motifs or illuminates hidden corners. In this large-format painting, light creates exactly what could not be so in reality.

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Dimensions 130 × 3 × 120 cm

Christin Lutze

Year Of Creation



Oil on canvas



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