Enchanted Forest Of Serendipity

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Artist: Jason Engelbart


Jason Engelbart is a contemporary artist whose digital abstract works, so-called ‘neo-paintings’, make use of a compelling and distinctive aesthetic. The colourful marbling effects and a simultaneous all-encompassing blur are created in a purely intuitive creative process, where the artist deals with reflections of his personal feelings, experiences, and a meditative affinity with the universe. Forgoing words, Engelbart taps into an artistic mode that seeks not to gloss over subject matter in art, but rather, to use an artistic capacity to trigger deeper reflection in others on the nature of our daily coexistence. Colours and forms swirl together with an apparent motion, coinciding yet never lost, blended yet simultaneously holding shape. The motion in Engelbart’s works sweep the viewer up into its experience — making us aware of the present moment.

Through colour and form alone, Engelbart invites us to consider the spaces of our lives that we are able to perceive at a subtle level, but that which we often forget or ignore in our day to day. In a restless and at times superficial world, Engelbart would like to remind us of love, freedom and joy in our experiences, as our natural birthright. The artworks of Engelbart are a testament to a cultivation of wholesome, human qualities, for positive change and development, which he states as his principle artistic vision. Jason Engelbart is currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Dimensions 3 × 120 × 160 cm

Jason Engelbart

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Digital Neopainting, c-print, mounted on alu-dibond, high glossy acrylic sealant, limited edition of total number of #1, signed, hand-over with certificate of authenticity


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