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Artist: Claudia Chaseling


Using a specifically developed technique with dry color pigments and semi-reflective aluminum, I address the antagonistic relationship between structure and chaos, creating new compositions from a state of disorder. I embed texts and URL-codes in the paintings that allow access to the work’s resources. The abstraction of the works, first appeals intuitively but on closer inspection, familiar shapes can be recognized, just as text and internet links can be read. Through my painting I aim to define a visual perspective that transmits our zeitgeist with its socio-ecological problems, and captures the mobile and ambiguous realities we exist in today, – the ‘mutative perspective’.

This painting belongs to an ongoing series dealing with issues of radioactive contamination caused by depleted uranium munitions.

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Dimensions 250 × 170 cm

Claudia Chaseling

Year Of Creation



aluminium, pigments, MDM binder and oil on canvas