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Artist: Christin Lutze


In this painting Christin Lutze transforms the Berlin city space into an independent figurative structure. Neither the perspective nor the architectural constructs can exist in this way. She shifts viewpoints, distorts planes, deforms bars or reduces distances. Nevertheless, this painting with caroussels and other things looks real, the room is theoretically accessible. Her special handling of light supports flatness and depth, reflects motifs or illuminates hidden corners. Light creates exactly what could not be in reality in her painting. A very striking element in this work is the lack of people. Dimensions and proportions thus remain immeasurable. Although what she paints might actually be a human construct, the protagonist is missing. It is not the person who creates here, but the imagination. It pushes the viewer into a surreal world: where does material end, where does our imagination begin?

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Dimensions 2,5 × 100 × 90 cm

Christin Lutze

Year Of Creation



Oil on canvas



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