The artist Nader Hamzeh studied painting in Damascus, Syria and later completed his art studies at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle (Saale). Today, the artist lives and works in Hamburg.

Nader Hamzeh’s earliest inspiration, he tells us in our Part Talk with Alexandra Karg, lies in Damascus and still shines in his work to some extent today. Learn more about the inspiration and technique in Nader Hamzeh’s paintings in this video.

Nader Hamzeh’s art moves between abstraction and figure. As in the work “Off-axis rotation” (2018), figurative motifs can be found in it, having something human about them and at the same time being absolutely displaced and unrecognisable in their physical form.







Zum Künstlerprofil von Nader Hamzeh geht es hier.