A study by the German Federal Criminal Police Office found, “Particularly when using public transportation, it is clear how unsafe women feel at night: The proportion of women who feel unsafe using public transportation at night exceeds the proportion who feel safe (66.7% vs. 33.3%).”1 Women*2 are often left alone with the question of safety, especially in big cities like Berlin.

The exhibition I ALWAYS HOLD A KEY IN MY HAND by Evelina Reiter and Julie Legouez explores this issue. The two artists create works especially, for the 550 sqm empty Rossmann-store, that make the viewers aware of the dangers women* are confronted with in public space.

Reiter shows large-scale paintings set in various urban settings that focus on insecurity and how to overcome it. Legouez, on the other hand, presents an installation that subtly highlights fears and their effect on women* in urban spaces.

But not only issues are presented, solutions and responses to how women* can be safer in the city are worked out within the exhibition. The exhibition’s program starts with a concert of the band CAVA. The garage duo from Berlin convinces with feminist lyrics and their terrific live performance. Furthermore, the exhibition offers a self-defense course by Bärbel Düsing especially for women*. Here, participants* can learn how to defend themselves in emergency situations and thus empower themselves even more.

On the last day, there will be a panel talk where experts from different fields will present their ideas and visitors are invited to ask questions and contribute ideas.

Combining art, a concert, a self-defense workshop, and a panel discussion, I ALWAYS HOLD A KEY IN MY HAND offers a comprehensive program that can help women* become more confident and safe in urban spaces.

1 German Federal Criminal Police Office: „Sicherheit und Kriminalität in Deutschland – SKiD 2020“, S.148, November 2022 2

*lesbian, inter, non binary, trans, agender people