En mi mente #10 – from the serie „En mi mente 2018“

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A serie of mixed media drawings and collages by Arnaldo González with different pens, markers and acrylic colors shows bold, cheeky, happy and sad guys in different formats.

Artist: Arnaldo González


I started this series of drawings and paintings for "Who, on my mind" since I found unused paper at home. In this case the photographic paper. Most of the time with occasional proof prints for other reasons. Then I intervened those forms already printed through lines, colors, among others. I don't usually think much when I draw, so my work is given by the free impulse of the moment. My inspiration is mostly the identification of someone's face … that's why there are elements very similar to eyes or teeth but without being decisive. Then the exercise of contemplation and the discovery of some identity that can be human or animal becomes very playful. In this way my drawings is an invitation to the people to discover different identities which they outline moods and feelings that are moved back and forth in our mind. Probably they show strong, cheeky, happy and sad guys. Images in which people see themselves in a very playful and contemplative way.

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Dimensions 42 × 32 cm

Arnaldo González

Year Of Creation



Drawing / Mixed media on Photopaper (pen, marker, acrylic colors) and printed image


42 x 32 cm


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