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Artist: Rubica von Streng


Leaving all narrative context aside, Limits of PortLand, the second installment of the PortLand series, broaches the issue of advancing individualization in society. Characters are surrounded by distinct fragments that are manifold and more dynamic than in the first part.
Thus, the complexity of the world is taking shape outside of the bodies, reflecting a major society-trend in late capitalism: people tend to define themselves – in a post-critical way – by their possessions, symbols and by brands. At the same time, they are less mindful when it comes to valueing and fostering their inner essence.
Having in mind future developments and remembering the advantages a natural environment has over an artificial one that is only designed to help human civilization subsist despite ecological destruction, Limits of PortLand explores new, benevolent ways of coexistence between humankind and the fragile nature of our planet.

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Dimensions 1 × 80 × 100 cm

Rubica von Streng

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oil on canvas



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